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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a very focused form of concentration. If you have ever been in your car, driving a well-known route, and gone onto "automatic pilot" you have experienced a form of hypnosis. Your conscious mind has "checked out" and your subconscious has taken over. It’s a similar state to when we wake up to an alarm clock and hit the snooze button – we’re awake, but not awake, we’re asleep, but not asleep. Hypnosis is a way of reaching our subconscious mind, the place where our internal messages are stored. During hypnosis we become highly responsive to suggestions. We can discover what is blocking us from achieving our goals, and break free of past habits and thoughts that are holding us back.

Who Can be Hypnotized?

Anyone can be hypnotized, in fact most people experience this naturally occurring state without even realizing it. (See "What is Hypnosis" above.) The only people who cannot be hypnotized are:

  • People with a very low IQ
  • People who are on heavy psychotic medication
  • People who say "You won’t be able to hypnotize me!" *

(*Obviously you need to keep an open mind, and be receptive to the process)

Is it Safe?

Absolutely. There are no side effects from hypnosis. It is the most natural way to facilitate change in our lives without using our willpower. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotist simply acts as a guide, leading you through the suggestions. You never give up any control while hypnotized. And you can never be made to do anything against your belief system. The subconscious is very protective and will only accept suggestions that are for your benefit.